Weighing in on The Great British Kick Off

I’m going to throw in my tuppence worth on a subject of the week that I really wasn’t planning on covering this week: the Great British Bake Off. You were supposed to have a nice piece about watches, but that’ll be up tomorrow instead. Last night I gained great respect for Ruby Tandoh that twelve weeks of the Bake Off didn’t quite garner. Her article in The Guardian‘s Comment is Free, […]

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Gender Surprise: Why Are We Going Backwards?

Allow me to present the subject of today’s abject annoyance. THIS. Above is the advert proudly presented on the website of Italian company Ferrero, which owns Kinder Surprise, displaying peacock-like both in terms of pride and garish colour scheme its latest limited edition marketing campaign. Ladies and gentlemen may I present to you: GENDER SURPRISE. A version of these appeared in Germany last year and came to the UK this autumn. […]

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