Hi, I’m Julie, an aspiring writer, and a final year PhD student in History at the University of St Andrews. Welcome to somethinking!

Somethinking aims to mix together the best bits about beauty and lifestyle blogs and websites with the best bits about feminist blogs and websites. As a lover of both I was surprised to see that feminism is not really discussed on beauty or lifestyle blogs and I wanted to show just how much of a place these two issues have side by side. After all, you can absolutely be a feminist and still be interested in make-up and fashion. See my introductory blog post on this here.

The thinking behind somethinking revolves around the option to pick and choose from the material on this site if you so wish, or to view everything together. You’ll see posts arranged by category (Regular Features; Lifestyle; Beauty; Feminism) at the top of each page on this site, you can be even more specific by choosing topics from the Category Cloud in the sidebar and footer of each page, or you can view everything in one place on the homepage: entirely up to you.

Somethinking covers everything from make-up reviews to shout-outs for those doing great work in feminism, from the latest innovations in skincare to discussing the most up-to-date issues relating to sexism, and from who I think are the most feminist film stars to how I decorate my home. In my eyes, all of these things are important, and none of them are contradictory. 

All views and opinions you see here on somethinking are just that: my views and opinions. I will never endorse a product that I don’t believe in and like.

Because I love discussion and expanding my ideas about all of these things, I’d love to hear your views in the comment section, or feel free to engage with me on my many social media outlets. You can find buttons linking to my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages, or you can email me directly.

Last but not least, I really hope you enjoy reading somethinking. I certainly love writing it!

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