The Boots 3 For 2 Make-Up Challenge: £5

With only £5 each to buy three products well, two, Jo and I were a bit stretched with this last part of the challenge, and admittedly it’s difficult to get overly excited about what we managed to come up with especially living near a fairly limited Boots make-up counter. As much as we are both fans of many cheaper brands stocked in Boots like Revlon, Rimmel and Bourjois, there were not two things we could find in those brands for a fiver. We even struggled with the very cheapest brands! Anyway, here are the bargains we came up with.

Julie’s Picks


Note: Apologies for the terrible photo!

From left:

Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara (£2.99): When in doubt, go for an old faithful. This is the only Miss Sporty product I’ve ever used since I was about eleven, and I’ve repurchased it a couple of times now, so when struck with this budget conundrum I went straight for this to replenish my stocks. This is the perfect, and very cheap, eyebrow mascara. Not at all crispy, keeps them in place all day, does the job like I imagine one that costs £15.00 does.

Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick (£1.99): When I saw Jo sniffing around these moisturising lipsticks and saw they had nice colours in the range, I thought I’d snap one up too. I’m going through a bit of a nude lip phase and so I thought this one in “Pink Mallow” would be a nice option. This hasn’t lasted well longevity-wise though; as soon as I attempted to swatch it on my hand when I got home, it broke! Ah well, all in the name of research. Weirdly, these don’t seem to be on the Boots website, so sorry about the lack of a link.

Collection 2000 Little Mix Nail Polish (£1.99): I’m a big fan of the Collection 2000 or is it just Collection now? Lasting Perfection Concealer, which is an excellent all-rounder for the price, but at £4.19 was far too expensive for the budget we had. I was struggling to pick a third product for this challenge, so thought I’d try a nail polish from the range – this one is ‘Jade’s shade’ from the Little Mix line, who knew they were such nail polish entrepreneurs? I thought the gold would be nice for Christmas but I’ve yet to try it.

Total Spent: £4.98

Total Without Offer: £6.97

Total Saved: £1.99

Jo’s Picks


From left:

Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick (£1.99): Knowing I’d struggle this time with the budget, I stuck by the two cheapest brands Boots have; Natural Collection and Miss Sporty. I may have gone too cheap: this lipstick, “Candy Shine”, is not the nicest looking on. Gives an odd metallic shine, and there is some moisture, so I guess it lives up to its name.

Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours Quick Dry Nail Polish (£1.99): I can be very impatient when it comes to nail polish so a quick dry is ideal for me. This blue shade, creatively named ‘blue’, is deep, bright blue ideal for a frosty colour in winter. The brush is thick and spread out so takes a matter of seconds to cover the nail. Good find for the price, definitely.

Natural Collection CoverUp Stick in Fair (£1.99): Unfortunately, I am a girl with the never budging bags under her eyes. Concealer is a must have for me and this seems to do the job. Able to put it under foundation or pop on top later as a touch up without it standing out. Not as moisturizing as more expensive concealers which is important for baggy eyes, but ideal for covering up blemishes.

Total Spent: £3.98

Total Without Offer: £5.97

Total Saved: £1.99

Technically we saved the same in this challenge so I guess this one, and the whole challenge, is a draw! But since Jo used a whole £1 less than necessary in her meagre budget, I think she cinches it.

Well, this has been an interesting one. If you’d like to see us attempt another 3 for 2 challenge some time, then let us know.


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