Nuxe Reve De Miel Lipbalm – Two Ways

Lip balms are an under-rated beauty product in my view. They’re maybe not one of those things many people spend a lot of time looking for, which is fair enough: they’re pretty boring. I would always buy Lypsyl when I was younger because that’s what my mum used, and then in high school when everyone had to have little tins of Vaseline for some strange reason I switched to that, but never much liked it. As someone who suffers from dry lips for most of the year, having the right lip balm is a must for me, and I’ve been using these for the last few months with great results. And better yet, it comes two ways.


Vaseline, greasy meh. Carmex, sticky, smelly meh. Reve de Miel, HELL YEAH.

Oh this stuff is THE BUSINESS. It never leaves my bedside table. It’s thick, creamy and will deal with the driest, most chapped lips in no time. The weighted, frosted glass jar is an added bonus giving it a bit of a luxury feel, which I suppose after paying a tenner for a lip balm is the least you’d expect. For me it’s totally worth it; you’re not going to go through this in a hurry, and trust me, I properly slather it on in the evening. I usually apply this just before turning my bedside light out, and so I associate its faint, pleasant lemony scent with sleep. I find it too heavy to put on in the morning, particularly if I’m planning on wearing lipstick I normally opt for a tinted balm if my lips are suffering.


When I’m out and about, I often need a top-up of a good lip balm, and a tinted one just won’t cut it sometimes. Having tried to take the jar of Reve de Miel with me out and about, I didn’t find it the most practical for application, especially when the jar version reminds me of sleep, and was just a little too noticeable on my lips. Then I discovered the brand does a stick version, which is less thick but still very moisturising, with a more muted honey scent. It’s still more than an average lip balm, which my lips seem to soak up in seconds like a thirsty plant, but this one is nourishing for at least a couple of hours and also makes a great base for lipstick. Some might find it a faff to have two lip balms, but it works for me.


The main ingredients used in Reve de Miel are honey, shea butter and other essential oils aimed at hydrating and healing chapped or damaged lips. The jar version of the balm was the first product I used by French skincare brand NUXE, and I’ve been impressed so far. I’ve also tried their gentle rose toner and the very well known Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil, which is lovely. 

NUXE Reve de Miel is available from FeelUnique, Marks & Spencer and Space NK to name just a few main outlets. It’s even made its way onto Cult Beauty, which is always a good endorsement for me. The jar is priced around £9.50 and the stick version is usually £5.50. Both will last you a long time, but if you’re looking for just one I’d recommend the jar version.

What’s your saviour when it comes to lip balm?


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