The Boots 3 For 2 Make-Up Challenge Part 2: £10

So we’re back with the second instalment of the Boots 3 for 2 Make-Up Challenge with the help of my little sister Joanna. This time we decided Jo would write her own copy so you can get different perspectives on why we chose what we did. Equipped with only £10 this time, the 3 for 2 was much more competitive, and difficult, this time round. Here’s what we came up with.

Julie’s Picks

photo 2

From left:

Rimmel London I ❤ Lasting Finish (£2.99): I am going through a real blue nail moment just now. I can’t move for blue nails. This shade from Rimmel is “Loafer Love For You” – I haven’t the faintest idea why it’s called that. I bought this purely because of how blue this is. Blue.

Maybelline Baby Lips (£2.99): I’ve been curious to try one of these for a while as obviously they’ve been raved about, but the packaging didn’t really appeal to me. However I do quite like this, it’s called “Cherry Me”, it smells like cherries but is a bit sickly sweet, be warned, and leaves a nice tint to the lips.

Revlon Colorstay Lipliner (£6.99): Although not much of a lipliner person, I know some people who swear by them and so I thought it would be a handy idea to have one on hand that more or less matches my actual lip shade, which this one does. This shade is “Rose” and I might pick up the “Red” one too; I’ve been quite impressed with this so far. I bet it would even look pretty nice with the Baby Lips.

Total Spent: £9.28

Total Without Offer: £12.27

Total Saved: £2.99

Jo’s Picksphoto 1

From Left:

L’Oreal Colour Riche Nail Polish (£4.49): Autumn time brings rusted and darker oranges but I have been craving a bright orange nail colour to lighten my summertime sadness. Had been yearning for the colour ever since I watched an episode of Made in Chelsea (judge me if you will) and one of their pristine manicures included an orange, much like this one “Lush Tangerine”, and is in no way the same price as a nail boutique in the Royal Burgh would set you back. The bottle may be smaller than many other brands, but the brush that is spread at the tip means applying is as easy as ABC, 123 and do re mi.

Rimmel Stay Blushed! Liquid Cheek Tint (£4.99): As a girl with a porcelain, border line ghost, complexion, I don’t exactly suit bronzer and love bright blusher to add some colour to my cheeks. Usually pick up a powdered base one, but this liquid cheek tint instead adds a perfect amount of pink – it’s even called “Pop Of Pink” – with even the smallest dab from the bottle. Easy to position exactly where you want your blush so as to not look like you’ve just been caught in an icy wind or someone has just told you your knickers have been ensnaring the bottom of your skirt since lunch.

Barry M Lip Paint (£4.49): I LOVE bright lipsticks. I truly believe, at least for me, they can transform you from day (plain, stressed and sleep deprived student) to night (fun, slightly too tipsy and sleep deprived student). Usually only go to Barry M for their glorious amount of different types of nail polishes, but their lipsticks caught my eye this Boots trip – this one is “Punky Pink”. Application is smooth and not as heavy as other lipsticks. However, even a couple strokes and my lips are already bright and completely covered. Thankfully, it has also hidden my chapped lips (stupid winter). Had to apply again after a couple hours but really only because the jagerbomb glasses had stolen some of it. They have a large selection including more muted colours if you prefer as well.

Total Spent: £9.48

Total Without Offer: £13.97

Total Saved: £4.49

This time Jo is the clear winner! She was far more tactical going for three products around the same price range, whilst I went for one (the lip liner) that was more expensive which meant my other two had to be a fair bit cheaper. Well played, sister, well played.

Join us next week for the last in this 3 for 2 instalment where we do our best with only £5…


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