Bobbi Brown Rich Chocolate Eye Palette / Neutral Eye Tutorial

At the time of writing this, the beauty blogosphere is drooling understandably over the Christmas offerings from Bobbi Brown, which includes the Old Hollywood Collection. This looks great, especially the Old Hollywood Eye Palette, but sadly this means that their fantastic limited edition autumn collection, Rich Chocolate, has been sidelined and many of the limited edition products from that range either discontinued or sold out. Sadly the palette I want to show today seems to be pretty much sold out everywhere now, but if you’re lucky enough to snap one up then I suggest you do so. However there are plenty of palettes you could achieve similar looks with, the beauty of this palette is its simplicity, and I promise I won’t make a habit of writing posts about limited edition products! And so, before ushering out the neutral old of autumn in favour of the glitzy new of Christmas, I wanted to post an ode to probably the best neutral eyeshadow palette I own: the Bobbi Brown Rich Chocolate Eye Palette, and give you an idea of how I use it.


Shades from left to right –
Top Row: Bone; Stone; Frappe; Caramel Sparkle
Bottom Row: Caramel Sparkle (repeat); Champagne Truffle Shimmer Wash; Cocoa; Rich Chocolate

The Rich Chocolate palette is the perfect size for sitting on my dressing table and taking away on holiday etc., and I just love the glossy, chic black packaging that Bobbi Brown is so well known for warning: will attract many fingerprints. It contains seven shades, mostly matte in texture, which I tend to prefer, but even the two shimmery shades are infinitely wearable and not at all GLITTERY. I usually pair the two shimmer colours if I’m going somewhere vaguely fancy, with a wash of ‘Champagne Truffle Shimmer’ over the lid and a bit of ‘Caramel Sparkle’ in the crease. 

Now, I’m no dab hand with eyeshadow, and it took a long time for me to master in the loosest sense of the term a decent blended look. I love a neutral eye; it is just an infinitely flattering look that looks great on everyone, and needn’t be a difficult task to accomplish. For example, I have THE WORLD’S SHAKIEST HANDS, but even I, equipped with ten minutes, good quality eye shadows and a decent blending brush, can achieve something vaguely passable. So prepare yourselves for my face because I’m going to show you how I create a neutral eye.


So to create this subtle neutral eye, first off I took a large, domed eyeshadow brush not pictured, it’s the Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush and swept “Bone”, the lightest shade at the far left of the palette, all across the lid and up to my brow bone as a highlighting shade and base. You can also use an eyeshadow primer before if you’re worried about the make-up not lasting. Then, using the same brush you can use a different one but I am lazy, I coated my brush with “Frappe”, the third shade from the left, and covered my eyelid with it right up to the crease, but no further.

Then, taking a crease brush, the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush in my case, I tapped just a bit of “Cocoa”, the second shade from the right, on to the tip of the brush, and with a light hand applied it to the crease that contour where your eyeball ends before your brow bone begins. I concentrated the colour, as shown in the photos, on the outer corner of the lid, but also towards the inner corner of the eye. Don’t be afraid to build up the colour gradually if you want more of a contrast. Now, it doesn’t need to look particularly neat at this point, because then I took my blending brush Sigma E25 and, in very small circles, blended the darker crease colour into the lid shade. You can just play around with this until it looks right, but basically you’re looking for a subtle blend of two colours without making it too obvious there are TWO COLOURS, if that makes sense. 

The last step is optional depending on whether you like liner or not, and also whether you like using eyeshadow as a liner. I am yes to both, particularly since there is the perfect liner shade in this palette, but if you’d rather use pencil, gel or even liquid then that would be fine, although would create a more dramatic look. Using the darkest shade in the palette, “Rich Chocolate”, which is at the far right, I dabbed a small angled brush mine is from Topshop and isn’t available any more, but any small, thin, sturdy angled brush will work and traced a thin line on my upper lash line. Using eyeshadow as a liner is so much more forgiving mistake-wise than eyeliner, and you can make it thicker or smudge it to create more of a smokey eye if you like. I also like to line my lower lash line, but that’s entirely down to your own preference. With both lines I prefer not to go all the way into the inner corner, but again that is down to what suits you best and what you prefer.

So there you have it! Did you manage to get your hands on the same palette this autumn, or are there other neutral palettes you prefer?


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