Colour Appreciation: Navy

When it comes to clothes, I have love affairs with many colours, but navy is my best friend. It’s easy to wear, suits me, never outdated, looks sophisticated, but is a bit more interesting than black. And, while we’re at it, I think navy goes great with black. There we go: myth busted. Although a staple all year round, navy comes into its own this time of year, and deserves to be appreciated. Here are my favourite navy things right now.

Pepperberry Cosy Pea Collar Coat Essie "Midnight Cami" Essie "After School Boy Blazer" H&M Cable-knit jumper Leuchtturm Notebook A5 Navy Clinique Quickliner Intense (Midnight)

1. Cosy Collar Pea Coat (£110.00) by Pepperberry – I don’t know why I hadn’t considered a coat from Pepperberry the clothing range from big-boobed lingerie company Bravissimo before now: I’m constantly irritated by the lack of space generally offered in the chestal area by coats on the UK high street. H&M, I’m looking at you. This coat comes in all the regular high street sizes from 8 to 18, but with three chest-size options: Curvy, Really Curvy and Super Curvy, which I think is quite frankly a brilliant idea. It’s a lovely coat with detachable furry neck bit which I don’t mind but tend to leave off, which I’ve also done in the pic above.

2. Essie Nail Polish “After School Boy Blazer” & “Midnight Cami” (£7.99 each) in Boots & Superdrug – As soon as the weather starts getting colder around September I’m quick to shun pastel and bright nail polish colours to the back of my collection and joyfully BRING ON THE GLOOM. Dark greens, reds and neutrals I love but this season so far I am, like everyone it seems, adoring a navy nail. The aptly named “After School Boy Blazer” is so dark a blue it’s nearly black, but there is just something about this colour I love, it feels very grown-up and sophisticated. And “Midnight Cami” is a gorgeous, slightly shimmery but not at all glittery navy, and would be perfect if you’re looking for something a little lighter and more fun than “After School Boy Blazer”. I’ve got these two on rotation right now.

3. H&M Cable-Knit Jumper in “Dark Blue” (£14.99 at H&M) – Cosy, three-quarter sleeve, affordable, washes well, nice colour. H&M gone done good here; I practically lived in this jumper last year and I look set to do the same this winter too, but it’s still in good condition despite being pretty cheap and been through the mill with my especially violent washing machine. Not much to add on this one, it’s a good old staple that fulfils everything I could want from this kind of jumper. I also have one of the same in dark green perhaps another colour appreciation post on the horizon…?

4. Clinique Quickliner Intense in “Intense Midnight” (£15.00) – A couple of years ago I would have openly balked at the prospect of wearing blue eye make-up. But when my favourite beauty columnist, Sali Hughes, wrote a column about blue make-up I thought I’d give it a bash. With my colouring, hazel eyes and auburn hair, navy eyeliner is surprisingly flattering, far less harsh than black, and the easiest way to achieve a great smoky eye. The eyeliner Sali recommended, Clinique Quickliner Intense in “Intense Midnight”, is brilliant, with a built-in smudged for a softer look but, once set, will not budge until you want it to. But make sure you get the “intense” range and not just the normal Quickliners, which are nowhere near as good. A nice budget option is Rimmel’s Soft Kohl Kajal eyeliner in “Denim Blue” which cashes in at just £2.99. I’m still to give the full on evening navy eyeshadow look a go, but I think it looks lovely; I just need a fancy enough do.

5. Leuchtturm 1917 Navy A5 Plain Notebook (RRP £12.99) These are my new favourite notebooks expect a post on these very soon. I now have a Leuchtturm in black, tobacco and now this lovely navy colour, which I think looks great, and is probably my favourite. They come in ruled, squared and dotted paper too plain is just my preference, and better yet have page numbers throughout with a few pages for contents! I can scarcely remember what note-taking was like before these note: slight exaggeration possible. 

Ah, navy. What are your favourite navy things?


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4 replies

  1. That coat is absolutely gorgeous and reminds me to step up my agenda of winter coat shopping! Navy is a perfect colour; definitely one of my favourites as well!

  2. Love the jumper but I just can’t handle 3/4 lengths. It’s winter, I want my arms covered.

    • I am the patron of the 3/4 length. Never found cold wrists to be too much of an issue, although there was one winter that was so cold I bought longish gloves to wear up to where the sleeve ended so none of my skin was exposed, even under my coat! A particularly stylish moment, I feel 🙂

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