Top 10 Lush Products

Top 10 Lush Products Source: all images from

Top 10 Lush Products
Source: all images from

I am a staunch Lush fan. As a kid I was first drawn to the iconic black pots with scrawled product information whenever I visited my impossibly cool Auntie Fi’s flat, but I probably didn’t discover it properly until my early 20s. It’s a bit difficult at first to know where to begin with Lush, partly because all the packaging is very similar, and there is just a sheer variety of products. If you want to try something but not sure what, my advice would just be to have a chat with one of the sales assistants I’m yet to meet an unfriendly one, dive in with whatever first catches your eye and take it from there, or pick up one of their gift sets.

There’s a funny polarisation of views people have when it comes to Lush, especially when it comes to walking past the shops which admittedly do give off a rather potent fragrance. For me, though, wandering around Lush is a lovely experience, and one I find immensely comforting and cheering. I am forever impressed with their sales assistants, the all-too-rare culture of giving out samples without making you feel like a chancer and, of course, the products. I’ve tried many, many products from Lush over the years, still discovering new ones, and it’s a brand I’m constantly impressed with. There’s a lot more to it than funny-shaped bath bombs though I do so love them. Here’s my top ten.

10. Sultana of Soap (£3.40 per 100g)- It’s difficult to get excited about soap, but this is a very nice one indeed. As you might have guessed from the name, this soap bar features dried currants. I tend to use this one mostly for leg and underarm shaving as I quite simply hate those foam aerosol things that dry my skin right out. I like to see the massive cheese-like blocks of these organic soaps in Lush shops, and you can buy it in various sizes which is great if you just want a bit to try.

9. Mint Julips Lip Scrub (£5.50) – Bit of a non-essential here, but it’s handy for chapped lips suffering from the cold. You rub the scrub onto your lips, smoosh it around a bit, and then here’s the best bit you lick it off. It’s a bit weird effectively eating a beauty product at first, but this scrub is made entirely from caster sugar and tastes like mint chocolate, so I have absolutely no issue with this whatsoever! There are also other flavours such as popcorn, bubblegum and I believe a Christmas limited edition that tastes like cola, just in case mint chocolate isn’t your thing. You heathen.

8. Roots Hair Mask (£9.95) – DAMN, this is minty. That’s all I’ll say. No, I’m kidding, I’ll say a bit more. I first received a good dollop of this as a free sample when it first came out about a year ago, and was so impressed with the immediate results on my horribly fine hair that is thin as well as fine, le sigh, that I went back and bought two full tubs. You apply it on dry hair, leave it for 20 minutes to develop enjoy the scalp-tingly goodness and rinse it out. This plumps out my hair for over a week and I tend to use it as a treatment every fortnight. I’d recommend using it in the evening as the peppermint smell that stays in your hair for hours afterwards is STRONG.

7. Ultrabland Facial Cleanser (£6.95) Lush really does have a penchant for quirky names, doesn’t it? If my skin is going through a phase of being a total pain that no amount of fancy face products can solve, I always, always return to this. It’s a balm cleanser which turns into an oil when you rub it in your palms before massaging into dry skin, letting it dissolve your make-up should you wear any and wiping off gently with a flannel rinsed in warm-hot water. Deliberately made not to be at all fancy, this will help your skin out no end when you just want to go back to basics. Most facial cleansers make my skin go “ARGH, why would you touch me?!” but not this one. It’s bland, but it’s good.

6. Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask (£5.95) Truth be told I haven’t tried that many of Lush’s fresh face masks partly because I always come back to this one I also like Oatifix and BB Seaweed. You keep it in the fridge and it lasts for two, maybe three weeks told you it was fresh and you should get a fair few masks out of this, depending on whether you use it all over your face or just on problem areas. I get around six full-face masks from this pot, and use it about three times a week, leaving it for about 5-10 mins before rinsing off. If your skin gets stressed and red, like mine does, this calms it right down, and is great for any blemishes too. Plus, because it has blueberries in it, it smells like blueberries. And I LOVE blueberries: even on my face, it would appear.

5. Dream Cream Body Moisturiser (£11.25) – Ah, the holy grail of moisturisers. This seems awfully expensive for what is essentially a pretty basic moisturiser, and I agree to an extent, but believe me when I say that this stuff lasts forever. Even with my super-sensitive, constantly thirsty skin, and my boyfriend’s eczema, we both share this as our main moisturiser and it lasts us months. It’s also one of the only moisturisers I’ve found that is nourishing enough as well as being incredibly soothing. This is mainly down to the wonderfulness of its main ingredient, oat milk, on easily-upset skin. Truth be told, even if the longevity factor wasn’t as good I’d probably still fork out the cash.

4. Ceridwen’s Cauldron Luxury Bath Melt (£4.25) – Luxury is definitely the operative word here. I always have at least one of these in our bathroom Lush bath bomb/melt box yes, we have such a thing, I’m not ashamed as back-up for days when I get home with a cloud over my head. I’ll just fill up the bath, maybe put some bubbles in too, and once it’s ready pop this in and let it melt. It comes wrapped in a muslin cloth which contains whole oats I’ve already mentioned that oats work wonders on my poor fussy skin that you can, and definitely should, use as an exfoliator. After a dip in Ceridwen’s Cauldron I emerge relaxed, super-moisturised and normally very sleepy. This is just the ticket, every single time.

3. Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner (£15.95) – AN IN-SHOWER MOISTURISER. Music to my ears. Sometimes I just can’t be bothered Dream Cream-ing it up after a shower, but this is just as nourishing, and doesn’t bother my poor, sensitive skin I really don’t get on with that Nivea In-Shower Moisturiser everyone likes. It’s expensive but the 225g pot lasts me forever, so for me it’s worth it every so often. I slather this on at the end of a shower, leave it for a minute or two to settle into my skin and then lightly rinse off. And better yet, it smells like roses. I love twinning this with the Rose Jam shower gel (see below) for an extra rosy boost.

2. Shower Gels (from £3.50) – I couldn’t choose just one. We normally have about three or four of these on rotation in our shower currently Dirty Springwash (über mint), Flying Fox (yummy honey), The Olive Branch (shake it to mix in the oil) and Rose Jam (which is both rosy and jam-like). Variety, after all, is the spice of life. I won’t say too much about these as shower gel is pretty much shower gel, but Lush are definitely my favourites. Recently I was in my local Lush lamenting with a sales advisor that last year’s limited edition Christmas shower gel, a lavender sleep-inducing delight called Twilight, wasn’t coming back this year. But then when grabbing links for this post on the Lush website I noticed that it’s available online! The joy. I may now have two sitting in my shopping cart…

1. Big Shampoo (£11.50) – How do I love thee, let me count the ways no really, I’m actually going to. 1. You smell like the sea. 2. You make my ridiculously fine hair BIG for at least a week. 3. You are a brilliant clarifying shampoo, ridding my hair of any and all product build-up. 4. I need a tiny dab of you, and so you last forever. 5. My boyfriend likes you too, and so he smells like the sea, which is nice. 6. Your sea salt particles massage and exfoliate my scalp. Okay, this personification is a bit strange now. I love Big Shampoo, let’s leave it there.

After writing this I’m beginning to think I’m not just a Lush fan but an addict! What are your favourite Lush products?


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4 replies

  1. LUSH has so many amazing products – thanks for sharing your favorites! Have you ever tried their Grass shower gel? It’s amazing!

    • Thanks for your comment! Y’know I’ve never actually got around to trying that one, but it seems like one I would definitely like. Will just have to give it a try now 🙂

  2. Have you tried Herbalism? Looks awful but results in a soft face.

    • I’ve steered clear of that one because I have seriously sensitive skin that does NOT like harsh exfoliation – I can never use cleansers that have those bead things in them, my face just freaks out! I’ve heard this one is a bit rigorous, do you find it quite harsh? I wish I could give my face a good ole exfoliate but the only way I can do so tends to be with a very soft flannel from Mothercare. Face fail.

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