Turning 25: What My Birthday Says About Me

Well, there’s no denying it. I am officially, firmly and irrevocably in my mid-twenties. There’s no turning back now. On Tuesday I turned twenty-five, and had a lovely day: warm croissants and presents in the morning, out for lunch, then visiting family in the evening with a relatively conservative number of gin and tonics. I was also lucky enough to see some of my closest friends in the following days, so it definitely felt like more of a birthday week.

As a bit of an introductory post about me, to say thank you to the lovely gift-buyers, and since I think it’s actually pretty interesting to think about what cards/gifts people get for your birthday say about you or your relationship with that person, this ‘what my birthday says about me’ post was born. I’ve also provided links to the products where available.


First up, the big image at the top is my rather considerable haul from my lovely boyfriend Chris. Not only did he rustle up some chocolate croissants for my birthday breakfast, he also covered all present-giving bases with a fox jumperwhich is apparently actually A DRESS: bit short for me, a jumper it shall be, some lovely Hotel Chocolat salted caramel puddles amazing, you must must buy these, Le Creuset mugs in the classic ‘Volcanic’ shade these are the best soup mugs ever, a book about Edinburgh’s most impressive interiors I’m so sophisticated it hurts, the most expensive shower gel I’ve EVER owned which matches my favourite perfume Diptyque Philosykos in case you’re wondering, and the créme de la créme: my gorgeous watch from Olivia Burton with a brown leather strap and rose gold face, which is honestly the most beautiful thing in the world ever. I’ve been waiting almost two months for it since we bought it in London…oh the torture…but so worth it: ta, Chris!

Bottom left is a lovely set from Chris’s family, including a gorgeous autumnal scarf no link, sorry, an Arran Aromatics candle Bergamot and Geranium, mmmm and a delicious gin from the Scottish island Islay called The Botanist the photograph artfully hides I’ve already made a fair dent in it and the best tonic as far as I’m concerned, Fever Tree. I’m lucky my boyfriend’s folks know me so well!

Bottom right are all from my best pal Fiona, and I’m not sure what these collective items say about me or our friendship really…let’s go with eclectic. I’m fairly poor at visualising where things are in the world so the globe is handy and looks great on my bookcase, and the polka dot scarf is really lovely – I love both polka dots and navy so a double-win there. Fiona and I also have a shared love of scented candles, and Fiona knows my love of all things German well, so this Poisoned Apple candle from Grimhilde, BTW great name, German candle company, well played, won her some serious friend points!

So far you’re probably getting a candle-obsessed, cold-necked, gin-swilling and expensive-crockery-coveting sort of impression. Just wait til what comes next…


Whatever impression you’ve formed of me from the presents so far, the above picture has probably either confounded or confirmed your suspicions about my motley likes and dislikes.

The top picture shows the genius gift from my genius little brother Pete: Big Lebowski coasters! Lebowski is easily one of my favourite films of all time and I especially love the classic ‘careful man there’s a beverage here’ and rug designs. In recent times me and Pete’s gift-giving seems to have tended towards ridiculous but personality-fitting items from our beloved Etsy. Another example of this exchange can be seen by this link to the Etsy item I got him for his birthday last month – a key hook with a vintage video game reference, what else?

Bottom left is another younger sibling offering, rightfully paying homage to their elder and better sister no sarcasm intended. This time from my adorable and hilarious little sister Joanna. We have shared loves of nail polish and books so these amazing presents mean a lot as they signify not only that she knows me well but also reflects our shared interests. I’m not sure what she’s suggesting about my pernickety book-lending tendencies here – watch it, sis – but the Personal Library Kit could not be cuter and the Essie nail polish is called ‘Midnight Cami’, a lovely dark navy shade. My people clearly know I love navy!

And finally, I was a very lucky girl indeed and my parents bought me a much-needed new hair dryer, and this GHD Air cuts the bill and then some. I’m sure you’ll hear more about my unbearably fussy tresses as this blog develops but I’ll save you that for a while. A very highly recommended hair dryer!

Since these are all quite varied items I won’t attempt too much of an analysis into my personality, but I feel so lucky to have such generous friends and family who know me and my far-reaching likes so well.


I couldn’t finish this post without showing a couple of extras I acquired on my Geburtstag. Above is the amazing cake my ridiculously talented mother made for me which features the cutest hand-sculpted fox you might have guessed I quite like foxes and a truly delicious banana and dark chocolate sponge it’s not even her full-time job people…

Last but not least, the cat lady card collection. These are mostly birthday cards from my family members but I think all that needs to be said is that I love not only foxes and scented candles but also cats. Whatever. I’m fine with it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little window into my 25th birthday haul and have learned a little bit about me and my likes. I’m not sure what overall impression this gives, but I’m certainly happy with my new things! I’ll just leave this picture of my BEAUTIFUL Olivia Burton watch here…and here’s a link to the website…feel enabled.

What do you think your birthday say about you?



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